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Muntenegru 2-8 iulie 2o23

I am excited to share an unforgettable experience that I, as a co-opted expert of the Romanian Association of City Managers (AAPRo), had the privilege of being a part of. Recently, I had the incredible opportunity to join a delegation on a journey to the captivating cities of Podgorica, Bar, Pljevlja, and Danilovgrad in #Montenegro . Our purpose was to exchange knowledge and experiences on the captivating subject of #smartcities and the crucial role city managers play in their development.
📌 Our journey commenced in the vibrant capital city of Podgorica, renowned for its blend of modern architecture and historical landmarks. We had the honor of meeting Prof. Dr. Olivera Injac, the Mayor of Podgorica, and her esteemed team. Our discussions revolved around the ambitious plans that the public administration has for sustainable development, smart city elements and smart governance.
📌 Continuing our expedition, we arrived in the coastal city of Bar. Nestled between the azure Adriatic Sea and majestic mountains, Bar charmed us with its picturesque beauty. Here we had the pleasure of meeting the ambitious team led by Mayor Dušan Raičević. The focal point of our discussions was the development of Bar’s smart city strategy, which was in progress of making.
📌 Moving further, we ventured to the historic city of Pljevlja, situated in the northern region of Montenegro. Pljevlja fascinated us with its rich cultural heritage. In our meeting with Mayor Dr. Dario Vraneš and his dedicated team, we learned about the new types of challenges faced by cities in the northern part of Montenegro.
Throughout our visit, we immersed ourselves in workshops, site visits, and inspiring dialogues. We had the pleasure of meeting exceptional individuals working in Montenegro’s public administration — local officials, experts and professionals — dedicated to serving proudly their communities and preparing for the challenges of the cities of tomorrow. The knowledge and insights gained during this exchange will undoubtedly shape our own approaches and accelerate the progress of smart cities, sustainable resource management and environmentally friendly communities, including financing opportunities for such projects. I hope that my contribution will match the level of things i’ve learned from this experience.
I would like to express my deepest gratitude to the Romanian Embassy in Montenegro, particularly His Excellency Matei-Viorel Ardeleanu, the Ambassador of Romania in Montenegro and Minister-Counsellor, Deputy Head of Mission, Consul Radu Gorincioi for their invaluable support. Their commitment to foster this collaboration and knowledge sharing between our nations has played a decisive role in making this experience possible and I am immensely grateful for their continued support.